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Just joined the 21 Million Club...

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Just joined the 21 Million Club...

I know this post probably won't be met with as much fanfare as these kinds of posts used to get in the past, but I just joined the 21 Million Club. I had .85 BTC for the longest time, glanced at the current prices today, and decided screw it, I'm tossing the last $500 of my paycheck in. I'm hoping that this will be a wise decision in the next two or three years, but if this global, disruptive, monetary experiment doesn't pan out, well then at least I can say that I participated in it, and hopefully lessons learned from my participation (along with millions of others') helps the advancement of society and humanity in some way. Despite these dark days, some of us aren't going anywhere and are in this for the long haul to see how it all plays out:) Stay strong, be positive, eat your veggies, and above all HODL!!

Edit: Thanks for the gold kind stranger! Also generally happy to see all of the optimism and resilience still present in this sub, despite being in one of the worst crypto crashes in history. Super proud of this community.

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